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Welcome to Shaddy Concept Art

Available for varied styles of character and environment concept art, as well as 3D blockmeshing, high-level Art Direction and help in defining the visual style of your project! Contact for availability and rates.


Environment Concept Artists Needed
to work on a variety of AAA blockbuster games!

Critical Requirements:

  • 1. A knowledge of natural color and light
  • 2. Ability to quickly blockmesh in 3D and light in mental ray, slop modeling that focuses on compositions/lighting!
  • 3. Proficiency in finding the right photos and blending them into concepts
  • 4. A great eye for classy simple compositions
  • 5. A unique perspective and desire to push ideas farther
  • 6. And most importantly an extreme attention to polish and PHOTO REAL finish.

Please send us 1 sample of your best quality work and a link to your website to: (please reduce the file size to less than a 1 meg, We get the idea without seeing every pixel :) )

Also look at the work on this site, on other sites such as,, and

We are looking for people at all levels but lighting knowledge and professional level finish are by far the most important. Both full time and part time concept artist are needed and the hours are flexible.

Pay will be competitive and based ENTIRELY ON QUALITY OF WORK. It doesn’t matter if you been in the industry 10 years or or 10 hours, your quality of work judged against the below images is what will determine your rate.

The clients whose concepts we work with are the top in the industry. The bar could not be any higher but at the same time someone with potential and a good attitude will always be considered! Look forward to hearing from you.


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