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Welcome to Shaddy Concept Art

Available for varied styles of character and environment concept art, as well as 3D blockmeshing, high-level Art Direction and help in defining the visual style of your project! Contact for availability and rates.


Digital Painting DREAM TEAM – 2!

The TWELVE brushes to rule them all for digital painting. Most of these brushes have been taken (read stolen) from great artists like Jamie Jones. and then tweaked and adjusted over the years. They are designed to be multi-purpose brushes that FEEL like many of the natural elements you will come across while painting without being cutout stamps of them. Each brush has been vetted over the years, not just for its one time handiness, but because it returns to the top of the set again and again. They should work with Adobe Photoshop CS4-CS5 and CS6 although “Ned Stark” is designed for use with the Mixer Brush Tool which is only available in CS5 and 6.

———–>  SAFADI BRUSH FILE V.1.3 <———–

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THE WIRE – brush set

Mcnulty – For trees, rock cracks, loose sketching and organic shapes and textures

Daniels – For the initial block in, defining all shapes and most of the initial sketch

Freeman – For blending with texture, adding texture and softening in a non-photoshopy way.

Cutty – The only “photoshopy” brush, for making big gradients and subtle value/color shifts, NOT PAINTING

Marlow – Great for modeling forms of everything, trees rocks and people, weighted to one side, it takes care to wield

GAME OF THRONES – brush set

Ned Stark – For use with the Mixer Brush Tool (CS5 and 6). For softening edges with a nice brush stroke’y look.

Khal Drogo – Great used lightly to give rock and ground texture but also can create nice textured edges

Tyrion Lannister – When Drogo is too vulgar, Tyrion can blend elements and soften texture

Joffrey Baratheon – Great for god rays and big soft blends where Cutty would be too artificial looking

Jaime Lannister – A great texture adding and all purpose brush, has tooth and shows layers of color well.

BONUS BRUSHES – brush set

Leaf Brush – Great for leaves, bugs, sparkles, even grass with some brush tweaks. An all purpose scatter brush

Cloud Brush – great for all forms of cloud and smoke along with Freeman and Tyrion for some texture.


An efficient hot key tablet setup is also critical for a good painting workflow. This setup has worked great for me for the past few years:

Install your brushes like so:



  ———–> StepBackwardSmart  <———–

Finally thanks to Will Fuller for creating this awesome script that finally fixes the age old photoshop problem that has plagued PS users for years. The incredibly annoying fact that when you “Step Undo” a mark it also undoes your layer selection. This becomes especially tedious when we are working with a 100 layer plus files and EVERY time we go to a new layer to make a few marks, then undo them the layer selection is also undone causing artist to waste many minutes and sometimes hours painting on the wrong layer or dabbing off the canvas to add marks to history preventing the layer undo… drop this script in your script folder, restart photoshop and BAM! C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Presets\Scripts  The only glitch I’ve found is sometimes when the undo happens in CS6 the file flashes white momentarily, but restarting photoshop solves it and it only happens occasionally. Enjoy!