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Welcome to Shaddy Concept Art

Available for varied styles of character and environment concept art, as well as 3D blockmeshing, high-level Art Direction and help in defining the visual style of your project! Contact for availability and rates.

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This week we take Jacobs painting and do a paint-over in new series we will call REEM ROOM! If you would like a private video paint-over contact me for schedule and rates:) But in the meantime learn from others! For basic setup, watch Video-000 archived in the Art Blog above. Brushes as always can be found here.


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  1. JL Sellers says:

    OMG this is so helpful and enlightening. Thank you. I’ll watch them all (enjoy your wayyyy sexy voice) and then hopefully have a better idea of doing it. Thanks.

  2. Happy New year Shaddy! I check every tuesday some juicy goodness here and am so grateful for your help. You mentioned that you were gonna show some tricks that concept guys uses with photos that make complicated stuff easier to do. I look forward to seeing that stuff when time allows. Plus I never know the power of the line tool in Photoshop. How cool.Everybody needs to be looking at this blog. Anyone watching it needs to support this Guy. Heck Shaddy put up a donation box for your time here. You are giving us all gold.
    nest man.

  3. shaddysafadi says:

    Thanks Joe. I really appreciate it. So probably the next series will be on concept and be really in depth on the thinking process. I will likely be charging per video for those, what do you suppose you would pay per vid assuming there are 6-10 vids each 30-40 min long full of information like that you found in the last series but on concept instead?

  4. Joespadaford says:

    He shaddy for a 30 to 40 min video in a comepeditibe market I would charge less on a pre order subscription type dead lower price. So 30 min one I would charge 15 40 min 25 for no pre order. Pro a package sale I would charge 20 dollars each. How to getter orders? Get an email list of previous buyers and hit them up for the impulse purchases. I works for people who really want to learn like me. that’s what Of would pay for the quality of stuff you bring to the table. your stuff I feel is stronger than gnomon workshops. schoolism has a leg up on you because of artist feed back, you cauld add a charge of 20 dollars to a 10 min crit on people’s work. don’t of any longer than that. be ecconomical. Ai will drop 20 dollars for a quick opinion. it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than an app. Plus 20 dollars is the peak price people buy on an impulse by. I have done market research on this. Ahat what why apps go for more less than 5 dollars you are providing education for a small crit. That is bigger than any app. You could put this out as an app too FYI. Putin a free teaser app out there with a video with in app purchase for more videos plus another in app purchase for a crit. But I seriously would focus onea web site. AHere is one other thing to do. You can put a a digital are of book out there like Steven silver put out that adds audiobooks cometary on you work. You could sell it for 6 dollars. I sell 0ver 300 app a month apple takes a third so I put out one app get 200 dollars every month for a past project. Plus you can advertise in your class in the app with a link for a better crit. you will very quickly build a fan base. You will make a lot of money on this given you talent add to you great teaching skills. hope that helps.