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Washington Pier

washington pier, concept art


Dell Inspiron 1525 / Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet / Photoshop CS5

1. The horizon line is placed usually on the top or bottom third of the picture.

2. Next a quick mess brush marks to get the general colors of the whole image but making sure to include some odd opposite colors to add variety.

3. Ocean detail was added on a layer using squashed and scattered custom brushes and all the pier parts on another layer drawn carefully in perspective with the polygonal lasso tool and corrected along the way

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  1. nice one shaddy. love that wave, i can really see its volume. i think you nailed ocean water and wet sand

  2. jeremy says:

    I assume this is all digital, right? Are you taking a tablet and what not with you for this (and the others) or just a photo and working on it from home?

    • shaddysafadi says:

      Hey Jeremy,

      Yes that is done with a laptop and an Intuos 4 drawing tablet. The tricky part is getting glare off the screen for which I built a custom box that I put my laptop in. I sit on one stool and the box with the laptop in it sits on the other.

  3. jeremy says:

    Not to be a bother – but is it possible to save those brushes as CS2?

    (BTW caught your website from your post on CA)