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Malibu Canyon Overlook

digital painting, digital plein air, digital life painting, shaddy, shaddy safadi, concept art

digital painting, digital plein air, digital life painting, shaddy, shaddy safadi, concept art

Last outdoor Landscape painting class of the year! We head out to Malibu on a chilly afternoon. 3 hours in the field, no at home touch ups. I think it looks a bit clumsy and unrefined but I’m just personally aroused by the rock details that I would never have time to include in that time frame. Started with black and white silhouettes with Daniels as always. Put down vivid versions of the shadow colors in each layers, bright magentas and purples, and then painted the true color on a clipping mask on each layer allowing the vivid underpainting layers show through.

Some people have asked how I decide what colors to use for the underpainting. I pick most vivid version of the color I “sense” in the shadows of a given layer. Notice how the colors are super saturated but they still get cooler as the layers go back, the reason being because the vivid version of the shadow colors also got cooler as it went back. It’s not an exact science but something to think about:) Brushes found at the brushes tab above!

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  1. Stunning! So interesting the underpainting process .

  2. Sven says:

    Yes your underpainting method looks very interesting!
    It would be great if you could compare it to a version, that doesn’t have that. Overall picture and in detail would be very interesting.

    In that one video with the beach you were looking for the complimentary color of the one you were going to paint later.
    I imagined it to desaturate the color while keeping it vivid but I don’t know if I got that right.