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Last of Us – Lakeside Town

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An image from early in production where the focus was on getting the feeling of “beautiful decay.” We didn’t want the game to be all dark just because it had monsterous infected. We tried to include many areas of pleasant light to give the player a break from the darkness of some of the areas AND CHARACTERS… If you haven’t beat this game yet make sure you do! Joel gets REAL towards the end:) A How-To on this image coming soon.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Love it great work. love the game the game is sooooooo amazing :D

  2. Oliver says:

    Still waiting on those concept break-downs homie.

  3. Tamara says:

    I recently just watched your tut vids on youtube and wanted to say thank you very much. It helped me learn so many techniques I didn’t know before :) As I am also a huge fan of The Last of Us, I can’t wait for the breakdown shots of this amazing piece

  4. Kevin says:

    Can’t wait to see the How To for this masterpiece !

  5. ah what a beauty,
    Is the how to out somewhere ? I can’t find it on One Pixel Brush site

  6. TheMightyCabeld says:

    I take it these concept break downs aren’t happening since it’s been a long ass time. Really nice work, though. I would love to see those How-To’s as a student trying to get a better feel for concept art and digital painting.

  7. Jaison says:

    Your plein air paintings are so inspiring. You create such beautiful shapes that feel very spontaneous. The jewel like color accents really capture atmosphere and reflected light in an elegant way.

    I’ve watch your tutorials several times and have shared them with as many artist as I could. Your art and philosophy has made me a better artist. Thank you!