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Columbia Digital Plein Air Process




ASUS Piece of Shit N53S Series / Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet / Photoshop CS6

My amazing hosts took me to cozy glass walled house in the Columbian countryside. It was raining hard when we started but it let up towards the end of the day and a bit of sun was able to start lighting the clouds and ground. With digital it’s relatively easy to change the lighting and color on a moments notice assuming your layers are well organized. 3 hours in the field and another 2 at home adding subtle gradients and making subtle color tweaks using the curves tool. I feel like in general, shapes can be stylized a lot but color often has to stay VERY accurate to feel real.

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  1. Great image Shaddy!

    I have a question about the color being “very accurate.” I feel like your colors are waaayyy more magical and beautiful than the photo, but pretty different in value and saturation. Is that because the lighting changed? Or is it just because the camera can’t capture what your eyes can? Or something else?


    • shaddysafadi says:

      You got it Jacob, I did not make up any colors, any seeming exaggeration is a failed attempt to make it exactly color accurate. And the two factors you mentioned are exactly the two at play, 1: color is more rich vivid and nuanced in real life (which is the whole point of life painting) and 2 the light dramatically changed from that initial photo towards the end of the day. but I will say that maybe ones eye automatically enhanced the subtle colors that exist on location, like you see a smidge of red, get pumped that you noticed it and exaggerate it subconsciously:)

  2. Digant Sutar says:

    Hey Shaddy,

    I am constantly following your blog,I love your work! with every post I learn something new, Thanks & keep it coming :)

    – Digant

  3. windboi says:

    wao, I really love your colors !!
    and lol so hard at this “ASUS Piece of Shit N53S Series”

  4. Lee says:

    Hey Shaddy, love your work and your video series you put up on Youtube. You walked us through more of a photo study session, and your process is super interesting. Clearly you use a similar, if not the same process in your plein air approach. Are you just able to make the decisions you need to in an ungodly short frame of time due to your innate familiarity with your own process? I cannot begin to imagine having to plan things out as involved as you do and then having time to get to the lighting I was after at the start of the painting. Are you just a time wizard?