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Welcome to Shaddy Concept Art

Available for varied styles of character and environment concept art, as well as 3D blockmeshing, high-level Art Direction and help in defining the visual style of your project! Contact for availability and rates.

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Sella Pass Image Week-1 Fall 2012

Do a painting of this image, don’t trace or color pick.

1. Start with flat black white and grey and get proportions and placement exactly right before you add color

2. Color by adding vibrant shadow colors on a given layer and overlaying the actual color on top on a clipping mask or on the same layer.

3. Don’t forget to paint the ESSENCE of the shapes, instead of focusing on every detail and use the brushes I gave you and no others. be creative with them.

CONFIDENT BLIND SAMURAI LIKE MARKMAKING PLEASE!:) I expect this assignment to take 6-8 hours. LOVE on all the colors and edges and gradients.

(also includes the diagrams for the box and sheet with all the materials needed)

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  1. Tiko says:

    Thank you so much for having this homework set together! I’ve been looking to learn this kind of concept drawing for myself and now that I have a Surface Pro 3 I have the tools and the homework at hand to guide myself!

  2. Bunny says:

    I’ll try to put this to good use imymliatede.