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Available for varied styles of character and environment concept art, as well as 3D blockmeshing, high-level Art Direction and help in defining the visual style of your project! Contact for availability and rates.

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Homework Week-2 Fall-2012

1. Digital Life Painting started from life and finished at home. 2-3 hours in the field and 4-6 hours at home loving on the textures and edges. It doesn’t have to be TIGHT, just carefully beautifully done. Attention to textures and edges and most importantly depicting the essence of the thing you are painting. remember you have some leeway with the arrangement but keep it true to the lighting of what’s in front of you. Also pick a clear simple composition with good depth and contrast. you ARE NOT PAINTING THIS ATTACHED PHOTO, I’m just adding it as an example of the style of composition I want to see. Don’t forget to pick one of the 4 artists in the Dropbox folder “4-artist-ref” and put their image in your file and mimic that style. REALLY try to capture what they do and you will get better 100 times faster. Make sure your final is named your name/week and include ALL 3 IMAGES, the painting, photo, and painting you copied. Put Homework in the new DB folder I made: Week-2-Homework.

2. Tie up loose ends! Very impressive first showing of boxes and following instructions for almost all of you! NICE WORK! but for the handful of you that had snafus’, I want to see a snap of your remade box BEFORE class next week, no shipping excuses for ANYTHING next week, I want it all there and don’t forget, I want it ALL ON YOUR BACK! that means no dangly bits or carrying stuff in your hands. We will be traversing areas that may require your hands so everything should be tightly strapped to your back. SORT IT OUT:)

3. SEND ME COMPS if you want to check in on your composition before you start detailing, but don’t email anything to me, just toss it in the dropbox named your name in the week-2 folder and tell me when it’s UPLOADED. please don’t ever email me to look at something that is still uploading because I will be annoyed that I stopped in the middle of my day to check your work only to not find it:) big hugs!

Keep up the good work yaul!

DO NOT PAINT THIS PHOTO!! It’s just a good example of the simple composition I want to see.

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