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Aiguille Du Midi

chamonix, aguille du midi, shaddy concept art.


Dell Inspiron 1525 / Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet / Photoshop CS5

Another fast second painting of the day, this time from the warmth of the cafe rather than the -3 celcius outside. The challenge I’m trying tackle with this kind of montain vista is how to indicate the scale of the little snow bits without having it look noisy (like it does in real life) and keep the painterly style. 1 hour in the field

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  1. sylvain says:

    Fantastic view! I really love your environment work. I think it’s missing the I in Aiguille ;) , it’s beautiful over there.

  2. shaddy says:

    Thanks Sylvain! You’re right, the “i” is missing, my other french freind told me too:) Have you been to Chamonix? where do you live?

  3. sylvain says:

    Hey Shaddy, i went in the Alps when i was a kid with my parents for vacation (i am french) But now i live in Canada Toronto! Chamonix is a great place too, the sight seeing is amazing there and you are doing some amazing captures!

  4. The same felling as the previous post, great work!

  5. Andr-x says:

    Illumination and colors is very well transferred! Magnificent work!